Membership Type Include

  • PRAYING Membership: Members in this category fast and pray for GROW, they are assigned people to pray with or pray for, they pray concerning situations. You can be a member if you have the burden to pray for people. Each member has a particular praying day, and members of the same region meet once a month. There is no specific day; this is at the discretion of the group in that region or state.
  • VISITATION Membership –PRISON –HOSPITAL OR BOTH: Members in this category will visit the prison and hospitals in their location, you can either register strictly for the prison or Hospital or Both: In this case, Members reach out depending on their choice, Preach the gospel, Identify needs and forward to GROW. These needs are met by the grace of God as the Holy Spirit enables us to.
  • COUNSELLING Membership: In this case Members whose strength lie in counseling or encouragement, are assigned New Converts for proper follow-up and encouragement, Converts might not be based in their locations, Follow up can be done via phone, emails etc
  • EMPOWERMENT MEMBERSHIP: In this partnership type, this basically has to do with cooperate bodies or individual companies ranging from schools, banks, cooperate organizations etc. What this partners do is to empower people brought in by GROW as their strength can take them. For instance, a Tailor, Hairdresser, Caterer, Computer training institute can join. Now He/she will choose to empower one or two people per year. This will be entirely free or half the price is paid. Cooperate organization who are GROW partners will also make resources available for empowerment for certain number of individuals per year, or make available funds. Example is a company decides to get a sewing machine, catering materials etc for empowered persons to start off. This empowerment all depends on the need at hand which will be made available to choose as soon a company registers
  • FINANCIAL Membership: Finance is needed to meet all the needs. God has blessed you and you want an avenue to extend His blessings to others, This Membership is yours. Your widow’s mite is highly noted and will be rewarded here on earth and in heaven. You cannot partner with God and make loses

All membership type are encouraged to partake in the neighborhood vigilance aspect of GROW

FINALLY GROW ANTHEM says, let none hear you idly saying, there is nothing I can do. While the lost of earth are dying, And the Master calls for you; Take the task He gives you gladly; Let His work your pleasure be; Answer quickly when He calls you, Here am I, send me, send me. GROW is just an avenue to answer the master’s call. The Bible says different gifts are giving for the perfection of the saints. You can do one at least.

  1. There are basically three types of Partnership worldwide

    • Individual Partners: This is an individual who desires to do something for God through GROW, He or She can belong to any of the membership type
    • Family Partners: In this case, a family registers as one and belong to a particular membership type
    • Cooperate Partners: In this case, Individuals or companies interested in EMPOWERMENT Membership register as cooperate partners

    Anyone who wants to make an impact in his/her generation and sees GROW as an opportunity to do so


    • Because you want to make an impact in someone’s life.
    • Because you want to be a blessing and be blessed
    • Because God will be Happy with you

    • There is joy in your heart when you bring smiles to someone’s face. There is joy in heaven and there is a reward attached to it
    • You are obedient to God’s call and heart beat and He will never forsake you when you need him
    • Networking: You will get to meet or know people from all around. You can share your problems and we can pray with you.
    • Advertisement: Members or partners can advertise their products on GROW website for just a token